Come and relax with full body massage here in Cheltenham.

Unusual query? What is naturist massage? Get Lisa to tell you

Customers very often ask me: are we both naked during the massage. The answer I give is that yes, you should preferably be completely naked because I need to touch your body. I start the massage clothed but on request can shed my clothes until we are both nude.

If you are shy about showing me your body I can of course cover you up with towels for modesty. I am a naturist, artists’ life model and exhibitionist so have no problem stripping off for you.

What is tantric massage?

Tantric Massage focuses on improving the flow of Chi energy through the body to improve health and vitality.  In practice this means using a light touch to stimulate the passage of sexual energy up from the genital area so that it flows throughout the body.  
Treatment includes talking and sharing past experiences, both pleasant and traumatic.  For example men may want to talk about sexual arousal they feel when thinking about members of the same sex.  Or talk about adolescent fantasies and fixations.    Women may need to disclose hidden trauma from sexual assault which they have never discussed with anyone before.  This may make them ashamed and inhibited about exploring their full sexual potential.
GOALS:  Alleviation of blocked (or stuck) emotions.  Cultivation of contentment and joy.   Ignition of a spiritual awakening and realization.   Improvement of orgasmic and pleasure potential.   Clearing the mind Reduction of stress .Promotion of relaxation.

Find out about Cheltenham Massage by Lisa

Blonde masseuse

When I search for massage services in the local area, which is Cheltenham and Gloucester, there are at least a couple of dozen establishments. I like to think that I am unique being an older transwoman. I having been doing this for many years and understand what my male clients want.

Not so sure about my female customers, I listen to them as closely as possible to understand how to please them. And of course I see non-binary clients, each one is different. Also couples.