Author: lisasmiles

What is tantric massage?

Tantric Massage focuses on improving the flow of Chi energy through the body to improve health and vitality.  In practice this means using a light touch to stimulate the passage of sexual energy up from the genital area so that it flows throughout the body.  Treatment includes talking and sharing past experiences, both pleasant and […]

Trans and non-binary people are welcome

/Lisa herself is a trans woman. She has massaged a lot of people over her career and has seen a wide variety of genders and sexes. She has not quite “seen it all” but very close! Please contact her beforehand if you have any questions or worries. You can wear what you like for the […]

Relax ladies! Special massage deals

We are tailoring our services more to women, transgender and non-binary people.  For example our male customers usually dislike beautiful-smelling massage oil!     They opt for our regular almond oil which has no smell. But for those who think that scent has its own healing and soothing properties we have acquired some amazing smelling oils!  […]