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Our services and prices

What we do and how much it costs

We offer a custom service so please tell us what you are looking for. The listing here is the basic service.

Cheltenham masseuse in black tunic.  Blonde transwoman
Basic non-sexual massage from £30

Standard massage: Half an hour for £30 and one hour for £60. Relaxing and calming and you can chat about your life and cares with Lisa.  Or just listen to the calming music as she eases your tension with firm pressure.

Blonde woman with her dress open to reveal sexy underwear and stockings and suspenders
Sensual massage from £60

Sensual massage:  Half an hour for £60 and an hour for £100.  Popular with gentlemen this includes a pleasurable release at the end.  Often ladies ask for this too!  

Tantric massage

There are as many different versions of tantric as there are masseuses. Lisa likes to connect with people through touch and conversation. The massage will be very sensual and erotic tension builds. Lisa has powerful sexual energy and will communicate this to you so you are stimulated and feel sexual arousal all over your body. Lisa touches your body with hers. Lingam and prostate massage, or yoni massage for ladies is all part of it. Culminating in an explosion of pleasure. From £100 for an hour.

Therapeutic massage

All Lisa’s massages are good for your muscle tone and your circulation. Also for easing sprains and aches. She can offer advice about back pain, such as daily exercises which will make you feel much better. Massage does not actually cure anything but will ease aches and pains. Best advice is to do regular light exercise using all the muscles in your body, and definitely avoid sitting still for long periods. Lisa can advise how to achieve this. From £30 for half an hour. £60 with happy ending.