Full body massage in Cheltenham

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Trans Touch Massage

Call us on 07511 440783 New Year’s Eve parties

Massage for women, men and couples.

Relaxing massage from transwoman Lisa near Cheltenham town centre

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Talk to Lisa

I invest in our relationship, getting to know the person on the table. Discreet and caring; you can discuss anything.

Cheltenham massage

Back pain

As a fellow back pain sufferer Lisa and her coworkers can advise on exercises and remedies.

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Natural oils

Nothing artificial or unhealthy. Pure exhilharation as we relax and pamper you.


Lovely Lisa and her friends want to meet you for Cheltenham massage

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Our masseuse Lisa

Total bliss is the end result! Stay for a cup of tea

Naturist massage

The masseuse performing your massage can become naked during the booking if requested. Or if you are shy we can mostly cover you with towels for modesty.

Massage by older woman

Nothing like the firm hand of an experienced older female caressing your tired muscles.

New Year’s Eve

Meet Lisa at parties in Cheltenham on both 30th December and NYE 31st December. Ask for details, There is a charge for admission and you need to book NOW1

Private house close to Cheltenham High Street. 07511 440783

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