Menstrual massage

Period pain relief

Lisa often massages her friends. Last week her fellow masseuse had bad menstrual cramps. Lisa began with a back massage to reduce tension on shoulders and the lower back. This was effective and relaxing and then the friend turned over and asked for direct massage on the stomach area. Lisa gave gentle circular massage centred on the navel. On request she applied more pressure using her palms. This proved to be very soothing and effective.

A scented specialist massage oil was used. It is a blend of various essential oils but the primary scent is of rose petals. This is ideal for time of the month massage.

If you give us advance notice we can order in the oil of your choice. We would love to discover the perfect massage oil for period pains! And don’t hesitate to give us feedback and tips for pain relief that we can pass on to other customers.

PMS therapy

We can offer last-minute bookings if we are free. Call or message on 07511 440783 for urgent pain relief! We cannot guarantee it will be 100% effective but you will enjoy the experience. The cost for ladies is £30 for half an hour or £60 for an hour. We do not watch the clock. We focus on the lower back area, and shoulders to relieve tension there. Gentle foot and leg massage adds to the sens of well-being. Then turning over we massage the abdomen, listening to your feelings. We allow you to guide us as to how firm the massage should be, and what area to cover. And stop if it is not feeling good to you.

Transwoman or female masseuse

Lisa is trans and the main masseuse, a female masseuse can be booked if you let us know the day before. Lisa remains fully clothed at all times and you can discuss your boundaries over the phone or when you arrive.

You can stay fully dressed although the massage is more effective on bare skin. Towels are on hand to preserve your modesty.

If you want to return the following day we can offer a couse of massages at a reduced cost.

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