About Us:Cheltenham massage

Blonde female Cheltenham masseuse with a cheeky expression in her face
Lisa tells you all about us.

I wrote 1,000 words about our business!  Trying to cover every aspect of what we do. We are also on Facebook. Please like our page to access special offers.

Come for a massage and your health will benefit. Surrender to our skilled touch, lie down and relax while we pamper you. Enjoy an hour relaxing on the table while you forget all about work and everyday life.

Reduce your blood pressure! Calm your anxiety! Soothe tired muscles! Learn how to look after your lower back!

Unlock your chakras. Let the energy flow from your masseuse into your body. Sexual energy too. Our masseuses have high sexual energy and can direct it towards you.

Most of our massages include sexual release so all that pentup frustration will dissipate in an explosion of pleasure.

Sexual wellbeing:

Sexuality is complicated, We all have a different mix of appetites and desires. You can feel free to talk about your emotions and desires with your masseuse. Everything is in strict confidence of course. We can answer your questions about our own sexuality in return. Because we have quite active sex lives we often have interesting experiences to relate.

You might have unexplored fantasies and desires. Or want to revisit things that you experimented with in your youth. We have heard most things before, so tell us your deepest desires and fantasies. We cannot guarantee to act them out but you can share them with us.

Choice of masseuses. Normally Lisa the mature trans woman is present, if you book in advance you can see her female friend. She can also join in for a 4 hand massage.

Reciprocal massage?  Yes we love being massaged and can strip off and lie on the massage couch for you. We adore having our firm buttocks and strong leg muscles gently massaged. We may become aroused of course.

Contact Body to body. There is a lot of body to body contact in the standard massage. If you want more it is best to move onto the bed. We can get covered in slippery almond oil and rub our bodies together. We both have to be naked for this of course.

Benefit from our long and wide experience of providing massage services. All the masseuses have long experience and have had hundreds of customers with very different needs. And all of them have been very satisfied with our services. Possibly it is because we usually don’t say NO to additional requests. The customer comes first.

Shower and bath facilities. The current location of our business has a power shower and also a big bathtub (large enough for two people). So if you wish you can begin with an assisted shower, where we use a defoliating sponge or coarse flannel to rub you down. You may shower or bath both before and after your massage if you wish. Soap, shampoo and towels are all provided.

Prostate massage. This is for customers who have a prostate! The masseuse can insert her finger into your anus and gently feel your prostate. While simultaneously stimulating the penis. Sometimes the prostate is unusually deep and we may have to use a small dildo instead of a finger.

Prostate stimulation often leads to orgasm, and combined with penile stimulation gives a very intense orgasm. We have a selection of vibrating anal toys which can be used as foreplay.

Yoni and lingam massage. With female customers we can pay attention to their vulva. Gently stroking the clitoris head and inside the pussy lips. If you give consent we can massage inside the vagina, looking for the G spot and generally stimulating the interior of your genitals. If you like oral stimulation we can lick you and finger you simultaneously. We also have vibrating toys to apply to the clitoris.

Lingam massage can prolong the peak of orgasm for men for tens of minutes. Combined with gentle oral stimulation and sucking we love to keep you on the edge!

Sexual activities. We are sex positive and will listen to all requests for further services.

Booking procedure. Lisa can be available with one hour notice, no deposit needed. We always require a mobile phone number to take a booking.

Female masseuses need to be booked 24 hours in advance and if you have not seen us before we will need a £50 advance payment. This is for either solo  female or 4 hands massages.